Mekelle University organized a THANK YOU event to Professor Kindeya Gebrehiwot, the outgoing president, to recognize his contribution in academic, research and community engagement of Mekelle University, one of the leading Universities in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, held on October 25,2020 at Mitiku Haile Cultural Centre; main Campus.


According to testimonies, from members of the MU management and MU community, Professor Kindeya is esteemed by the University community for his leadership style which makes him likable and respected by everyone across the board. The testimonies also assure that Professor Kindeya enabled colleges and institutes to be equipped with state of the art laboratories and workshops that propelled the University to a level which can reasonably perform their teaching, research, and community services.


Dr. Hagos Godifay,among the testimonies,said that following the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, through the leadership of Professor Kindeya, MU’s contribution in containing the pandemic has been next to none.


Professor Fetien Abay, Interim President of MU, outlined the journey of Mekelle University from a small start and meager facilities to its present six college campuses with some village size presence and many outreach campuses, intake from small hundreds to more than 30,000. She expressed her gratitude to all who contributed for the tremendous growth and success of MU, especially the top leaders of the institution who tirelessly gave their best in the process. Among the icons, as to professor Fetien, whose footprints at MU extend from being a young fellow instructor to assuming the highest position of institutional presidency, we find Prof. Kindeya Gebrehiwot.


Professor Fetien added, “As he leaves his presidency, ending his term, I congratulate him for his lifetime service to Mekelle University and I recognize his outstanding contributions so far. I am confident that his support and commitment will still be in place.”

On the occasion, professor Kindeya Gebrehiwot donated some 200 hundred sickles and handed to Yirga Woldu(PhD), Dean of the college of Dry Land Agriculture and Natural Resource Management.

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Ato Hafte Hadush, board member of the University, on his part said, the purpose of this event is to acknowledge and express gratitude to Professor Kindeya Gebrehiwot for his unequaled contribution in the growth and development of Mekelle University and his contribution to local community. Ato Hafte Hadush added, “I hope the upcoming President will follow his footprints to realize the aspiration of the University to become one of the top 25 Universities in Africa by 2025.”

Professor Kindeya thanked the university community for the recognition.

0F1A0230 He expressed his gratitude to MU management, the university community, MU students, the regional government, security institutions, and other stakeholders for their excellent job without whom, he said, the success of MU wouldn’t have been possible. Professor Kindeya Gebrehiwot also assured that he will always be there to support MU in every step of the way.

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University management, board members, Professor Kindeya Gebrehiwot families, friends and relatives and other invited guests attended the THANK YOU event.