​​​​​​​                       Date 31/10/2020

Mekelle University invites all interested and competent candidates to apply for the post of presidency:

I. Job Title:  President 
II. Requirements:
a. Educational Qualification:He/She must have at least Master’s Degree or equivalent with a rank of Assistant Professor. 
b. Experiences: proven track record or experience in leadership &management position in higher education or experience as senior management position in a field outside higher education such as industry and research institutes. A minimum of six and three years of experiences are required for teaching and research,and leadership respectively.
c. Prepare and present strategic plan (not more than 10 pages) on; 
i. Realizing Quality, Access, Relevance and Internalization in education provided in the University,
ii. Creating Academic Centers of Excellence in the University, 
iii. Devising ways to generate additional income for the University, and 
iiii. Creating and expanding national and international academic partnership opportunities. 
d. Be able to make brief explanation on key agenda publicly for University Senate members andUniversity community representatives. 
III. Ethical Qualities 
a. The applicant is required to be free from unethical behavior and should be with a confirmed record of exemplar qualities of respect for and commitment to duty
b. The applicant is required to possess the quality of working with others and treating all equally and fairly 
IIII. Terms of assignment- for Six (6) years 
V. Duration of Application:Applicants must submit original and copy of their academic credentials, work experiences, CV, and their strategic plan in person to the office of theUniversity President search and selection committee located at Management Buildingroom numberA1-208 within 15 working days of the date of this announcement.

For further information, Mobile: +251 911863347

Email address: ftkiros@gmail.com

Website: www.mu.edu.et 

MekelleUniversity Board