EENSAT is an innovative capacity development project to strengthen the use of geo-data for agriculture and water to enhance food security and socio-economic development in Ethiopia in line with the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) priorities at the participating Higher Education and Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutes.

This project is working on capacity building and specifically MU will benefit from the following:
• 3 PhD;
• 6 MSc;
• Short-term yraining to staffs;
• Training to TVET staffs;
• 21 high-end desktops;
• High-end laptops for local staffs
• Drones and associated mapping software
• High end Plotter
• Scanner
• Servers with a storage capacity of more than 40 Terra byte. This will double the storage capacity of MU data center,
• Wifi routers, and network switches
• Audio-visual equipment for Distance learning
• Field equipment for hydro-meteorological monitoring


esana I geo

                                                      Ethiopian Educational Network to Support Agricultural Transformation(EENSAT)

 The following outcomes are to be achieved from the project:

  • A coordinated and harmonized system is established where network partners cooperate and mutually  support each other, that provides gender sensitive and appropriate EDUCATION in the use of Geo-Infor mation Science that is responsive to the GTP objectives at academic and vocational training levels;
  • An active, collaborative and coherent Geo-Information based RESEARCH programme between network  partners in line with the needs of stakeholders in the public and private sector, and contributes to the   GTP objectives;
  • Demand driven OUTREACH activities are taking place to ensure sustainable collaboration between the network,  the public     and private sector that determines the research and education profiles, stimulates spin off and entrepreneurship, and expands to engage other stakeholders.

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