VLIR-Institutional University Cooperation

On the 20th of September 2004, on the occasion of the launch of MU-IUC, an agreement between Mekelle University and VLIR was signed by Ms. K. Verbrugghen (Acting Director VLIR University Development Cooperation) and Dr. Mitiku Haile (President of Mekelle University).

The Flemish Inter-University Council (VLIR) provides support to Mekelle University through its Inter-University Partnership Programme since 2003 with the financial support from the Belgian government (Direction General for Development Cooperation, DGDC). This ten-year partnership fosters scientific collaboration between Flemish Universities and Mekelle University.

It aims to strengthen the capacity of Mekelle University as an institute of higher education and a center of Excellence for research. The ultimate objective of this partnership is to contribute to sustainable livelihood in Tigray. This multidisciplinary Programme is demand-driven with a major focus on rural communities. Its point of departure is indigenous knowledge combined with formal scientific knowledge.

You can see the MU-IUC flayer Here

The Projects under MU-IUC Projects

  • MU-IUC-ICT Project
  • MU-IUC-Library Project
  • More Crop per Drop Project
  • Socio-Economy Project
  • Hydrogeology Project
  • Land Managment Project
  • Aquatic Ecology Project
  • Farm Technology Project