Mekelle University, Entrepreneurship Development Center

Call for Business Idea Competition

Do you have an idea of innovative, creative, viable, scalable or original of impactful nature? Have you ever dreamed of turning your great idea into great start-up… is your chance. Seize it!!!

Who is eligible to compete? All interested undergraduate students from across all Colleges and Institutes of Mekelle University.   As a contestant, you may compete as individual or in team.

What do I need to do? Explain your idea using the application form on

What are the prizes for best business ideas? So attractive (till 25,000birr and more)!!!

How many will be the winners for award? Many and different levels of awards, even all competitors can be awarded if their idea found feasible.

When is the deadline? Last date to apply is the Dec. 27 2018!



How do I apply? Hard copies of the filled application forms can be submitted in a sealed envelope to the office of the Entrepreneurship Development Center of the University @ Office No: A52-409 or A52-410 Or you can submit softcopy to

You need further information? Call to 0914709788

You are most welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Application Form for Phase 1