Audit practice among cooperatives in Tigray region

The department of Cooperative Studies in collaboration to Agriterra Ethiopia and Tigray region Cooperative Promotion and Market Development Agency has conducted a region wide assessment on the depth, the challenges and specific strategies to tackle the sector wise audit glitches. The results have been disseminated to all stakeholders in the region and the federal Cooperative agency on a two days’ workshop held at Wuqro from Dec. 28-29, 2018.

Along with the presentation of the research results, Farmers’ Cooperative Unions also shared their audit experiences in the workshop. Consequently, it was discussed on the specific strategies to be performed by each of the concerned bureaus including Bureau of Agriculture, Civil service Bureau, Mekelle University and mainly the cooperatives themselves. Finally, representatives of Farmers’ Cooperative Unions prepared a short term action plan, presented to participants for amelioration along with execution timetable.