Date 21/11/2018 G.C


For the 2nd time Vacancy Announcement



Mekelle University would like to invite Qualified Applicants for Institute of Pedagogical

Sciences in the following positions.



Field of Study

Required Qualification


Required No


  • Inclusive education



PhD, MA in Inclusive education (special needs education )

Lecturer and above



  • Curriculum and Instruction

PhD, MA in Curriculum studies, or Curriculum and instruction

Lecturer and above



  • Instructional Technology

PhD, MA in information Technology or computer science who have education background

Lecturer and above



 Place of work : Mekelle University


  • Age : not more than 45

  • Salary : Scale of the University

  • Applicants : for under graduate G.P.A for male 3.00 and above for post graduate 3.75 and above, for undergraduate for female 2.75 and above for post graduate 3.50 and above and for Disability under graduate G.P.A 2.50 and above for post graduate 3.25 and above

  • Web site : Mekelle University visit the announcement in our website

  • Place of Registrar: Interested Applicants should submit their CV and Photocopies of other relevant document to M.U main campus Office No C21-306 Human Resources Management Directorate Office.

  • Date Registration: from the date of this announcement 10 working days.