Knowledge Technology Transfer, Community


Consultancy Service Projects under UICL


Knowledge and Technology Transfer projects (2017/18)

S. No College/Institute Projects Title Name of Principal Investigator and contact details Number of Staffs involved  
1 EITM Design and Fabrication of Pedal Operated Wood turning Machine   2
2 EITM Mobile Based Student Attendance Controlling System For Mekelle University Filimon Godey 2
3 EITM Design and manufacturing of solar powered Egg incubator for rural area of Tigray region Mr. Solomon Kiros 3
4 EiTM Development Of Special Purpose Waste Plastic Based Composite Building-Block Shishay Amare 4
5 CSSL The Production of Web-based Narratives of Cultural Heritage in Tigray Dr. Tesfay Mesele 4
6 CNCS Creating class and exam schedule by using aSc Timetables software Tsegay Brhane 3
7 CNCS Configuring Open Source Institutional Repository System for Mekelle University, Adigrat University postgraduate libraries and Tigray Agricultural Research Center library. Mr. Hagos Hiete 3
8 CHS Development of herbal mosquito repellent formulations Mr. Haftay Berhane 4
9 CVM Constructing simple, handy and portable chicken brooders Dr. Endale Balcha 3
10 CVM Local Development and Utilization of Poultry Hatchery Egg Incubators to Responsible Groups in the Poultry Business from Potential Districts of the Tigray Regional State. Dr. Awot Teklu 7
11 MIT Customization and Development of Open source Digital Library Mr. Mezgebo Hailu 4
12 MIT Microcontroller based wireless power theft controlling system Hgigat Aregawi 3
13 IPHC E- Heritage Registration, Inventory and Documentation Web-Based User Interface Database: - The Case of Culture and Tourism Bureaus of Ethiopia Solomon T/Mariam 6


Contractual Agreement with Industries/ Stakeholders for Consultancy Services (2017/18) College Title of the project Client organization
1 CCNS Technical Training for Regional GTP-II Midterm Evaluation Teams on the Regional Government of Tigray State of Tigray, Bureau of Plan and Finance
2 ICT Training on Statistical Package Tigray Regional state Auditor Bureau
3 CBE &EiTM Feasibility study on Modern furniture plant Maichew particleboard manufacturing plc
4 CCNS Geological hydro geological and geophysical study of deep wells Milano Hotel-Tigray
5 EiTM Construction supervision contract administration and design review of construction of Asphalt Roads in Mekelle City Mekelle City construction, Road and Transport office
6 EiTM Design and Development of Human Resource Management and Materials Tigray Road and Construction Enterprise
7 ICT & IGEOS Training on GIS, Database and Remote sensing Environmental Protection, Land Administration Agency
8 ICT Design and Development of Dynamic Website Tigray Bureau of Water Resources
9 CCNS Environmental management Plan Study Mesfin IE PLC
10 CCNS Training on statistical packages Tigray Regional state Agency of Competence
11 EiTM Construction Supervision and Contract Administration of Baeker IAIP and Maykadra RTC construction Projects Tigray Industrial Park development Corporation
12 IWE Assessment and Identification Services of Appropriate Soil and Water Conservation Activities for Hadewe and Erer Water Shades German Development Cooperation (GIZ)
13 IWE Kainberak II project at Abraha Atsbha and Agulae Mesanu Area, Kilte Awolaelo Woreda, Tigray Etiopia Utopia Tikal Fundazioa
14 EiTM Detail Engineering Design and Tender Document Preparation of Gravel Road Projects Tigray, Bureau of Construction, Road and Transport