Mekelle university Integrated Seed Sector Development
  • The success of participatory varietal selection and crowdsourcing
  • Sesame in adaptation trial which performed sesame
  • The ministry of Agriculture visit to BENEFIT-ISSD sites
  • Barley in crowd-sourcing
  • Professor Fetien explaining farmers the advantage of crowd sourcing
  • A woman inspecting the result of crowd sourcing at Deguatenben
  • Prof. Fetien Abay discussing with farmers about the introduction of newly released barley varieties
  • The best performing barley varieties among the others
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Institute of Environment, Gender and Development Studies (IEGDS)

Institute of Environment, Gender and Development Studies (IEGDS) is a centre for graduate studies, research and outreach operating under the managing board of the Mekelle University. IEGDS highlights both the need for specialized graduate MSc degree awarding studies in Environment, Gender and Development studies, with the integrations of Environment, Gender analysis and a gender relations perspective. The institute will offer graduate level courses and provides substantial input to student’s Masters Dissertation research. Short courses and workshops are also offered on environment, gender planning and gender analysis in various development fields. The institute also hosts different projects that provide different services essential for improvement of target livelihood and contribute economic development. Such project include ISSD, IDRC, PHL, NRC, ACC are some among others. TARI, ATA and BoANR are also important partners to mention. 

MU-ISSD Project

Mekelle University Bilateral EthioPian Netherlands Effort for Food Security Income and Trade
Integrated Seed Sector Development (MU-BENEFIT-ISSD) is one of the Mekelle University IEGDS projects working for the last seven years in the area of Local Seed Business (LSB) by organizing group of farmers to be engaged in the multiplication, production and distribution of improved and farmer preferred local seed varities with following objectives:  

  • Increased availability and use of quality seeds
  • Enhanced performance of seed value  chains
  • Improved enabling environment for the seed sector
Implementing Partners

BENEFIT-ISSD Mekelle University Project is implemented by consortium of Tigray Agricultural Research Institute (TARI), the Ethiopian Agricultural Business Corporation (former ESE), Mekelle University, the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Development (BoARD), Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA) and Agricultural Growth Programme, Agricultural Commercialization Cluster (ACC) BENEFIT sister projects [CASCAPE, SBN and ENTAG] and NGOs (local and international).


BENEFIT-ISSD Programme is funded by the Dutch Directorate General for International Cooperation through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Addis Ababa.


Private seed producers have a great opportunity to produce improved seed in the country. The opportunities are unsatisfied seed demand in the country, conducive and diversified agro-ecology to produce seed

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