The Library's mission is to provide comprehensive collections, quality services and engaging spaces to support the education, research and community service mission of Mekelle University. The library promotes the development of self-learning and meets users’ evolving needs and expectation through the provision of open access to cultural, intellectual, and informational resources both in print and digital format. The Library’s physical and virtual spaces respond to the changing habits of its users to enrich the campus experience and to the dynamic information landscape in the 21st century.

Digital and System Library

The Digital Libraries Service is responsible for developing innovative digital services and Institutional Repository in collaboration with MU scholars and other external stakeholders. This team establishes a premier infrastructure for digital libraries using which the Library provide its user electronic resources on various disciplines through Library Web Page. This team also identifies and manages digital library projectas well as undertake special digitization projects that bring Ethiopia’s unique and rare collections to researcher, scholars and students of Mekelle University. Therefore, the team strives to provides, manages and maintains access to digital information through the effective use of computing technologies as well as integrating all library information management system.

Main Circulating Collection (Core Collection)
TheMain Circulatingcollection refers to all publications that are found in the MU Library. All Circulation Books are arranged by DDC call numbers from 000-999
Digital Collection

MU Campus Libraries: there are six campus Libraries under Mekelle University.

Printed books:

Institutional Repositories: MU library has Institutional Repositories in which publication that produced by MU community will be posted and accessed by users through the digital library system

Today, we are observing the sweeping changes affecting the nature and the service delivery system of a Library. A variety of forces, most specifically economic change, technological development and users information need, are reshaping the Library. As a result, we are already seeing transformation in the world Libraries. The movement from collecting material “just in case” someone will need it, to delivering material from elsewhere “just in time” to answer a user’s need, is a profound shift for the Library as service provider institution.

This unit provides the available library materials in print and in electronic formats just in time based on user request and to serve the informational, educational and intellectual needs of MU’s community. This unit strives to offer fast, free and fair Library service as well as provide full access to Library materials for people with disabilities. Besides, unit also provides loan (short and long), reservation and document delivery services to users. Moreover, the unit provides fast and user friendly online service through which user check circulation information from their office and reserve, borrow as well as renew the material that they would like to use.