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MU management visits the ongoing campus facilities and the so far preparations for the All Africa University Games 2018. All is going well said Prof. Kindeya G/Hiwot President of MU.


1.  A press conference was released on pediatric hematology and oncology service in Ayder hospital. Dr. Tadele Hailu, Pediatric hematologist, and oncologist gave the press conference which has been released for the first time. He has underlined on three important issues; on the role of mass-media in making the service reachable and sustainable.

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 1.    Three professionals (Internist, Pediatrician, and microbiologist from the hospital) traveled to Germany for a month-long training on infection prevention and HIV resistance testing.  Those issues are very important to our hospital as we are doing very complex procedures and surgeries. Moreover, our hospital is expanding its critical care service which needs much attention on infection prevention.     

2.    Nursing students from the school of nursing, Colombia University USA, have arrived for an apparent ship for six weeks in Ayder hospital. The students with their instructors discussed with management of the hospital for further cooperation. Hence, MOU has signed b/n Ayder hospital, Mekelle University, and Colombia University, school of nursing to have a broader cooperation in student/ staff exchanged and to strengthen postgraduate programs in the school of nursing. 

3.    A sensitization/awareness on the prevention of tonsillitis in Kilte-Awlaelo wereda Negash Tabiya for elementary, secondary school students and a detail discussion with the representative community of the Tabiya were conducted. The program was organized by the college of health sciences Mekelle university and  Etopia Witten in Germany.

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An Ethiopian delegation team lead by H.E. Dr. Mulatu Teshome, President of Ethiopia, visited Cuba for bilateral collaboration. The focus of the discussion was on Education and science and technology to support Livestock development and health systems in Ethiopia and Cuba. Ethiopia will be benefited from the high level human resources and technology products from Cuba while Cuba will have the opportunity to penetrate the African Market through Ethiopia.