Mekelle University College of Law and Governance, School of Law in collaboration with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung organizes the second constitutional law conference on the political parties, multi-party system and democracy in Ethiopia on 14-15 February, 2018 at Axum Hotel Mekelle.

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On behalf of the president Dr. Tesfay Mesele, president advisor of MU officially opened the conference. On his opening speech he remarked that the University committed to support such kind of conference for the fact that it will have paramount significance on realizing the provision of legal support and access to justice to the community. Lastly, he passed his gratitude to the organizers of the workshop.

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Mr. Constantin Grund, Freidrich Ebert Stiftung country representative addressed a welcoming and the aim of the conference to the participants of the conference. In his speech, he said that the Freidrich Ebert Stiftung is willing to support the researchers in order to exercise the democracy and to support the political development of the country. And he highlighted that the importance of the conference in exercising the democracy and democratization.

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On the two-day conference papers were presented regarding on freedom of expression in election campaign in multi –party system and democracy in Ethiopia, media allocation during the election and the source of fund to the opposition party and opportunities and challenges in institutionalizing the Ethiopian multi –party system.    

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Ato G/hiwot, former Dean of college of Law and Governance also mentioned that higher institutions are essential in exercising democracy. Hence, it has been stated that the conference is timely and very important, and he also added the reflections are crucial to enhance our democracy practices. At the last, he invited the participants for discussion and questioning up on the presented and other current and general issues.  

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On the conference higher official delegates from the ruling party, opposition parties, academic members and students of college of low and governance were attended and actively participated during the course of the discussion.  

College of Dryland Agriculture and natural resource (DANR) department of rural development and Agricultural extension (RDAE) in collaboration with Sasakawa Africa fund for extension education organized a two days’ workshop on supervised enterprise project report defense on 17, 18 February 2018 at Mu Agriculture hall.

Mrs. Letebrhan H/Slassie, head department of rural Development and Agricultural extension she warmly welcomed to the participants and she passed her appreciation who came to participate in the 5th and 6th batches of Agricultural extension students of annual value chain oriented Supervised interpose Project ( Seps) workshop at MU. On her welcoming addressed she brief the objectives and planning of the SEPs. In addition to this she noted that the importance of the workshop and her expectations from the presentations.

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1.  The Kaizen training is concluded by giving training for 270 staff in three rounds. Facility management, library, pharmacy, cafeteria, public health, registrar operation room and senior management members were among the participants. Finally, Ethiopian Kaizen Institute has signed MOU with College of Health Sciences, MU, for implementation of the training which has been carried out for the last two weeks in the college. 

2.  Midwives and nurses from Belgium who came to Ayder Specialized Hospital, for a practice in labor ward have donated around 200 clothes for the hospital admitted children and neonates in Ayder hospital.

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3. The 2010 E.C Graduate students of nursing specialty, Mekelle University, College of Health Sciences has established a reproductive health club at Atse Yohannes preparatory school and they are giving training about reproductive health for the students and teachers of the high school for four days starting from February 07-10, 2010 E.C. in collaboration with the Tigray Regional Health Bureau. This is one of the TTP (team training program) activities always given by all departments under the community-based education of the College of Health Sciences .

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4.   Health education on acute rheumatic fever (RHD) prevention control was given to Megabit 30 preparatory school students of Wukro town and for 220 households (in two groups) of Tabiya Hayelom Kilte Awlaelo wereda in collaboration with Mekelle University, College of Health Sciences and Pre-v project.

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5.  Team members from University of Saskatchewan, Canada, have visited CHS, MU to build new and sustain relationship and partnerships. The visitors have discussed the possible area of collaboration with the college management and senior staff members of CHS, MU.


1. A team member from Ethiopian Kaizen Institute has given a series of training to all staffs in the hospital and college on Kaizen Philosophy and tools. The management of the college also attended the training. Every participant promised to minimize the wasting time to serve our students and patients. Besides, the trainees were sensitized to reorganize their office stuff and beyond .   

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1. School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics, has conducted MSc thesis defense in pharmaceutics successfully for the first time outside Addis Ababa University.  The external examiners were professors from Addis Ababa University. 

2. A partner from MD-Anderson cancer center, US, has given face to face training in pain medicine for faculties from Surgery, internal medicine, and Psychiatry. The training has upgraded to fellowship programme in pain and palliative care. Thus, faculties from across departments will join in the fellowship programme in the coming years. Concurrently, a team member from the school of medicine is working to finalize the curriculum of the fellowship programme. 

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3. Volunteer students from our campus have started information provision to the patients and peoples who are visiting our hospital. The students' mainly give information to the customers who are looking for help "where to go" for their required services.  This will help us as a pilot to establish information center at the gate for all visitors in the long run.

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4. A team working on Health information technology, orbit health, has presented their progress to faculties in the college. This will help us to make better of the electronics medical recordings of the hospital.

5. Former dean of the College of Health Sciences Mekelle University, Dr. Zerihun Abebe, has visited and discussed with management of the college/hospital on the dialysis center. To be recalled that St' Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College has given 12 dialysis machines to Ayder Comprehensive Specialized Hospital. The consumable of the machines for six months will also be processed according to the memorandum of understanding signed before. Finally, the two parties discussed a deal to have staff exchange in forensic and nephrology between the Ayder and St' Paul in the long run 

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6. Regular discussion of the newly established Inpatient Director Service with all department/service heads on the progress of the overall inpatient services, which is held once every two weeks. 

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7. Laboratory equipment (multi-headed microscope, tissue processor), which were malfunction previously were fixed in the Department of Pathology and Anatomy by an expert brought from Leica Maintenance country representative.

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