Mequamia Community Development Organization (MCDO), a local NGO engaged in helping youths protect themselves from addiction through creating awareness among students about the health complications caused by drugs and alcohols, is conducting the annual week long awareness creation campaign at the campuses of Mekelle University between March 27 and April 01, 2017.

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As part of the exhibition, Posters are displayed in the main streets of the campuses in a bid to show how addictive substances affect our body parts. There were also members who can explain what was in the pictures.

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The campaign is annually held in collaboration with Mekelle University.

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According to Zelalem Yitbarek, Public Relations Director of MCDO, the organization has helped about 280 individuals to get out of addiction in the rehabilitation centers located at Mekelle City since its establishment in 2011.

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Ato Zelalem Yitbarek, Public Relations Director of MCDO

Thousands of students are expected to be part of the week-long campaign. MCDO is a local nongovernmental organization established by  former addicted MU students.

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Mekelle University delegates have attended the first French Higher Education Fair in Ethiopia, which was held on Thursday March 23, 2017 at the Alliance Ethio-Française in Addis Ababa. The event also marked the launch of the Campus France Office in Ethiopia; an office dedicated to provide guidance and necessary support for Ethiopians who want to pursue their further studies in France.

A meeting was held between delegates of the French Embassy, the Alliance Ethio-Française and representatives of selected Ethiopian Universities. During the meeting which was about how to strengthen collaboration amongst all parties, interests in the opening of French language training, institutional collaborations and ways forward on how to work together were thoroughly discussed. The French embassy reassured attendants that it will mainly focus its efforts on improving student mobility schemes, French language teaching and support existing and upcoming institutional collaborations between French and Ethiopian Institutions.

Two French universities and seven schools were presented at the fair. One to one institutional discussions were held with Paris Dederot University and Université De La Reunion. Common areas of collaboration between Mekelle university and the French institutions are identified. Mekelle University has existing institutional agreements with French institutions and is commited to have more strong engagements.

Professor Mitiku Haile and Mr. Goitom Tegegn from Mekelle University attended the French Higher Education Fair.

As part of a community service initiative, a workshop on "Safety and Quality of Bottled Water" was held on 18th of March 2017 at Axum Hotel. The workshop was organized by Mekelle University, college of natural and computational science in collaboration with Food, Medicine and Health Care Administration and Control Authority-FMHACA (Northern Ethiopia Branch). 

 community service workshop

The workshop was intended to highlight the shortcomings in source, bottling, packaging and distribution of bottled water that affect the safety and quality of the product and to initiate measures to improve it. Participants drawn from the bottled water industries, distributors and regulators from government bodies had attended the workshop.

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During the workshop, presentations on the source and the physiochemical characteristics of water in bottling, type and nature of plastic bottles used and the health concerns, the basics of HACCP in water bottling by Tewodros Alemayehu (PhD), Amanual Hadera, Jennifer Lemke from Mekelle University and specifications and requirements in bottled water by Birhanu T/medhin from the FMHACA were given.  Following the presentations, participants had discussed on the significance of having strong management and monitoring system of the bottling water at the source, treatment, packaging, storage, transporting and distribution of the product. Participants have noted particularly the risk of exposing the plastic bottled water to direct sunlight and heat to the safety and health of consumers.  The workshop has stimulated constructive discussion among participants that have later agreed on the importance of providing vital information and awareness by the bottling companies to distributors/consumers in order to improve the safety of bottled water and comply with regulations.

The MU community convened for a week from the 9th to 16th of March 2017 as part of the deep reform program currently underway throughout the country. Meetings were held in 14 different halls in all campuses of the university.

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The university community primarily discussed the journey of the university in the context of the national situation in the last 15 years. It then deliberated on a document from the university management which aimed at looking into problems that were mentioned as hurdles in the overall academic, research and community service endeavors of the university towards good governance and fighting rent-seeking.

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The President along with the Chairperson of the University's Board leading the plenary session

The meetings were concluded in a Plenary Session that was held at Martyrs Memorial Monument Hall, Mekelle, in the presence of Ambassador Dr. Addisalem Balema, the Chairperson of the University’s board and the V/President of the Regional State of Tigray, and the top management of the university. In the concluding plenary session, the major points raised during the parallel sessions of reflection and self-reflection at different halls by the university community were discussed.

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Dr Abdelkadir Kedir, Vice President for Academics

Dr Abdelkadir Kedir, Vice President for Academics highlighted the efforts of his office to make the teaching-learning process smooth and effective and promised to incorporate inputs gained from the meetings.

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Prof. Fetien Abay, Vice President for Research & Community Services

Prof. Fetien Abay, Vice President for Research and Academic Services, talked about the plans of her office to respond to the growing need of research and community services and called up on the university community to keep the research and community services momentum going now that her office is embarking on a new roadmap for better results.

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Dr. Abebe Ejigu, Vice President for Support Services

Dr. Abebe Ejigu, Vice President for Support Services, on his part touched up on the concerns and complaints of the administrative staff of the university and responded that the appropriate ones will be dealt with in the times ahead.

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The President of the university, Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, responding to questions raised

The President of the university, Dr. Kindeya Gebrehiwot, then made a general remark on the specific points tackled by his vice presidents and promised the university management would exert its level best towards upgrading  its services and called up on the university community to contribute their level-best on their parts to accomplish the university’s mission.

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Amabassado Dr. Addisalem Balema, the University’s Board Chairperson, expressed the readiness of the board to continue to give a strategic leadership for the university’s top management and underscored the need to focus on being ready for change at individual and institution level. The meeting then was concluded with open declartion of stand by the university community to continue to work towards good governance and fighting rent-seeking.