About Mekelle University Library 


When the arid zone Agricultural college started in three degree programs in 1993 with 42 students, there was no any purpose built library except a classroom converted into library. After a few weeks its establishment acquisition had undertaken through purchase and denotation to the library. After two years, the faculty of Science and technology was established at the same campus and together these two faculties were then upgraded to Mekelle University College. There were, however, minimal library and documentation facilities and services. First, there was no any purpose built library except renovated building. Second, there were no information sources and services that could adequately satisfy our user’s needs. 

The merger of the two colleges in to Mekelle University (Mekelle University College and College of Business and Economics) and its official inauguration in May 2000 has greatly improved the facilities and services. As a result, there are now purpose built libraries in both campuses. At present, the University has eleven branch libraries.